Works and installation

Works and VRU installation

LUVEBA installs and starts up the VRUs of the most recognized manufacturers. We handle VRUs for loading trucks, trains or ships.

Our know-how spreads from the design phase to the commissioning of the equipment

  • Supervision of installation and assembly
  • Disassembly, relocation, renovation and start-up
  • Revamping and existing VRUs capacity increase
  • Technical assistance for installation and commissioning
  • Engineering of renovations
  • Replacement, supply and preloading of activated carbon
  • Glycol quality control and supply of specific glycol for VRU application

Work quality

Our company owes its reputation to its expertise, work quality and ability to satisfy customer requirements. Our service engineers share their know-how and professionalism throughout the entire process.

The site interventions are carried out with care and in strict compliance with safety regulations. Our installation teams provide local support in more than 30 countries to ensure that the VRUs are installed correctly and in compliance with the local regulations. Our service engineers have the training and experience to ensure adequate service in the event of any incident.

LUVEBA puts into service the new VRUs of CARBOVAC, a sister company of ALMA GROUP