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  • LUVEBA’s certification: MASE and VCT. We are strongly committed to quality and we maintain the highest standards.
  • Advanced knowledge of environmental standards
  • Tailor-made maintenance contracts adapted to your system and needs
  • Intervention security
  • Guarantee of regulatory compliance
  • Significant reduction in the risk of breakdowns
  • Local presence: a low downtime of your equipment thanks to our rapid intervention
  • Qualified service engineers continuously trained in new technologies and standards
  • Recognized expertise

LUVEBA's expertise, Vapor Recovery Units (VRUs)

What is a Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU)?

Vapor recovery refers to the vapors emitted by trucks, railcars, barges, ships and storage tanks when they are filled with volatile petroleum products such as gasoline or crude oil.

Transportation and storage of these petroleum products implies evaporation and significant loss of the products to the atmosphere. Vapor recovery units reduce these losses, offering both financial benefits through product recovery and environmental benefits through reduced volatile organic carbon (VOC) emissions.

The challenge of controlling VOC emissions

Technical norms and laws have been implemented worldwide to significantly reduce VOC emissions thanks to the installation of appropriate emission control systems.

VOC emissions – from terminals to service stations – have a very negative impact on the environment:

  • Human health (drivers, operators, environment)
  • Pollution of the troposphere (creation of ground-level ozone)
  • Safety on depots (inflammable vapors, explosion risks)

LUVEBA solutions and services for steam and VOC recovery